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You don't need a big production to celebrate. Just the right elements to make any party look neat and coherent.

If you want to know more about ideas and tips about how to organize any event just visit my Inspiration section

a picute of custom cut stickers


The perfect add on for your party favors. The best way to end your parties.

Pick a shape and a size and I can make it for you. 

No minimun quantities.

* Prices vary depending on size, material and shape


These toppers can be used  with any of the treats you plan to serve at your dessert table. Known as cupcake toppers at first they have become a MUST product on my clients celebrations.

They can be simple or with layers. No minimun quantities.

Price starting at ¢35 per topper

* Prices vary depending on size, material and shape

If you want to know more, reach out and together we can make a beautiful design

cake topper


The center of your party table has to be dressed for the occasion.

Let's create something perfect to make your party cake stand out.

Price starting at $18

* Prices vary depending on size, material and shape


A very popular product right now.

We can repack chips, chocolates, just ask.

A fun and cool way to customized your party and also a nice form to make everything in your celebration more coherent.

* Prices depend on product, size and material

* Minimun quantity 6.

a Hershey bar and a package with the Eiffel Tower
a custom made box with a bunny


Unlimited ideas, different uses.

You just need to know what would you like to fill your boxes with, so I can design something perfect for you.

Price starting at $4 per box

* Price depends on size, materials and complexity of the design.

* Minimum order 6

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