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There are many things I can create to make our life easier and at the same time more fun.

a notepad custom designed


I can create any notepad for you, but this school notes are cute and super easy to use. 

There is no excuse not to send a note to your teacher with style.

... and believe me, they'll always remember your kid!

Each Notepad contains:

50 Sheets per pad

Size: 4"x 5.5"

$30 per book


Definitely one easy, convenient and fun way to identify your kids school supplies.

When approaching the start of school, my kids really enjoy putting their stickers on their supplies and make them more personal.

You can pick your colors and design.

Each sheet contains:

46 Tiny (pencil size) stickers

6 Subject stickers

6 Large stickers

6 Medium stickers

4 Round Stickers

7 Small stickers

TOTAL: 75 Stickers

$20 per sheet


A handy and beautifully designed sticky notes for reminders and love messages that would make your day brighter and fun.

*This is a very popular item for teachers.

50 Sheets per pad

Size: 3" x 3"

$23  per set of two sticky notes books

If you have an idea that we can add to this portafolio, let me know... I love to make things that make our life easier.

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